A very few people know that I am a born loner. I’ve been spending a lot more time with myself ever since i was born (many would not believe it though). It keeps me calm and energizes me for the next day. Walking alone on a long path gives you another perspective towards almost everything in life. You get to know nature so closely… when you stroll… each thing around you starts communicating with you. Being with yourself is like being with someone special who knows you so well. When you are with you, you reach out to your soul. Your soul is free to talk to you and you can decide what you really want with your life. It is so healthy and whole. And once you have tasted the joy of aloneness, its a blissful thing.

I seriously never understood the logic behind solitary state being considered as a state of pity in ones life. An evening while I was on long walk I seriously gave it a thought. Why do people think that If one goes meandering around means that the person is having troubles in life? :-O  Why am I being questioned for being aloof. Since my family knows my degree of dementedness, they never even bother when I am out on walk for 2 hours or sometimes even more. I just walk and walk and walk until no energy left in me to walk further and I sit down on footpath and observe people. Its fun sachhi mein 😀

OSHO says “Solitariness is negative, solitude is positive.
Solitariness is ugly, solitude is beautiful.”

Then why does my solitude being questioned so much?! Perhaps, because I am a young girl (well not so young 😛) with well paid job, almost settled and single. OR as they say “perhaps because her passion was insane and as beautiful as sin” 😀 (I love this line and badly wanted to use somewhere for myself :P). It bothers the world around, cause I am not running after things the way they are? Like the way they satisfy themselves with the materialistic things instead of even knowing what they really want in life? Cause ever since they were born, they were told that they need to earn well, have a family and have all the luxurious to prove to the world that how worthy their lives are. We all are materialistic to one extent or another but are we working towards happiness in life? If so, we have thousands of examples to see of people who have been “successful” in acquiring material wealth, but who have been miserably empty inside. There is no contentedness and peace in their lives. (I will discuss this part in detail sometime later).

God sent us here to enjoy life. To cherish each moment. To gain wisdom. And in the rush of daily routines we forget what we really seek in life. Silence and solitude gives us all this. Solitude gives peace, it nourishes our soul.  Then, why the time being spent with our own self is considered to be wasted? Why is it considered to be a state of grief. Why everyone is so scared of talking to themselves. Why not they ask themselves to seek answers inside? Perhaps, because each one of us are running away from reality and when we communicate with our soul it only speaks the truth.

As always.. I really did not have answers to my crazy thoughts… and as if God heard my questions, I found these lines by Paulo…

“For those who are not frightened by the solitude, everything will have a different taste.
In solitude, they will discover the love that might otherwise arrive unnoticed.
In solitude, they will understand and respect the love that left them.
In solitude, they will be able to decide whether it is worth asking that lost love to come back or if they should simply let it go and set off along a new path.
In solitude, they will learn that saying ‘No’ does not always show a lack of generosity and that saying ‘Yes’ is not always a virtue.
And those who are alone at this moment need never be frightened by the words of the devil: ‘You’re wasting your time.’
Or by the chief demon’s even more potent words: ‘No one cares about you.’
The Divine Energy is listening to us when we speak to other people, but also when we are still and silent and able to accept solitude as a blessing.
And when we achieve that harmony, we receive more than we asked for.”