“I would not talk to him again, He always underestimates me. This time I am not gonna go back to him”. I left home muttering these words in anger, I again had a fight with him this morning. It has always been a love and hate relationship between us, ever since I’ve known him. Me hating him sometimes and he loving me always.

Despite me being so impossible, foolish, stubborn, illogical and impractical, he has always loved and cared for me. This riles me even further. “How could he love me for being such a disgusting human being.?!?! grhhhhhh! And thas why I would again go back to him and apologize. I know he would not even say anything and forgive. I am taking advantage of his kindness. Gosh! Even after everything he gets successful in making me feel guilty.WOW” I thought.

Since the beginning of our relationship or say I was born, I was told that he is the one who will stay with me even if all will leave. He will guide me holding my hand and take me through everything. Even in the darkest times, he will keep his hands on my head. And I believed, and the eternal long lasting relationship of ours started.

Yes! You got it right… I am talking about him! “God”. I know all must be thinking why him? How can I be sure if God is male/female. But its my God, and I chose him to be him 🙂

My training of worshiping started from the very first day I opened my eyes. As a toddler I used to repeat (parrotlike) whatever my parents taught me or the way she described him in. And by the time I was young enough to understand everything, I had created my own image of HIM within me. Someone who was always besides me and with whom I could fight anytime… 🙂 😛

Just like any other normal kid, I also had a long list of things to be asked from God. Right from a barbie doll to a bicycle, or a new dress… the list was always long and never ending. He did answer most of my prayers and blessed me with a lot of things, but like a true human being, I was never satisfied. And slowly and gradually I understood, “Jasmeet this list of yours, will never end… You will keep on adding things into it. Ask better things from him.” And since that day. List was replaced with a simple prayer.

“A prayer couched in the words of the soul, is far more powerful than any ritual” from Brida

Prayer- a simplest way to connect and be friends with God. Whatever asked and said with a true heart is always answered. Listen to God. But, whenever he wants to connect with us, we get busy complaining to him. Just be silent, accept the universe as it, and listen to your inner core, God resides there.

God doesn’t want to hear big fancy words or cliches. He is even with those who worship him in simple ways and remember him in each phase of their lives.

There are different and various paths that lead to that supreme God, and for me he chose the path of Sikhism, for others it is different paths/religions. Being a born Sikh, I always wondered if I will recite Japji sahib then only I can be the wisest. Is this the only way to reach and understand God. Though I respect all religions, but the way I will get connected with my super God is my choice, I will decide the way and the words.

Guru Granth Sahib, Bhagavat Geeta, Holy Bible, Quran or any other Holy book are just collections of personal experience of understanding of God or how they describe God. With due respect to each and every holy book, I would say that they are just compilation of humans thought and experiences. The way they described their experience of realisation, the way they described God. Rituals are mere a worthless process.

I have picked up these lines from amazingly written and my most favourite chapter called “Personal Vices” from The pilgrimage.

`Pity those who eat and drink and sate themselves, but are unhappy and alone in their satiety. But pity even more those who fast, and who censure and prohibit, and who thereby see themselves as saints, preaching your name in the streets. For neither of these types of people know thy law that says, “If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true.”

Coming back to my fight with him, I was really angry on him and was thinking that he is testing my patience beyond limits (although i know he knows my strength and wants to make me stronger). I was in no mood to patch up with him and then I found a beautiful prayer by PC that motivated me so much that all my anger just faded. “Ok ok I heard it. I am getting the signs!” I told to my inner core And I just (hate) love to say, I again apologised to him.

I also have a personal prayer written in punjabi, yes my God speaks in Punjabi with me 😛 I wanted to share it as to motivate others to create their own prayers and connect with their universal God in their own personal way.

Waheguru, tenu sab pata, Ki changa hai… ki mada hai , sabkuch,

Tetho kuchh ni lughona…Tenu pata mere dil ch ki hai, mainu ki chahida…par tenu eh v pata mainu kis cheez di jyada load hai. 

Waheguru tere naal hi ladna hai, tainu hi manauna. Tere naal hi pyaar karna… tere kol hi shikaita karniya ne.

Tu hi bakshish karega… tu hi chaddiyan kalan ch rakhenga. 

Meri bewakoofiyan… saari galtiya maaf kari… Mainu ladan di shakti deyi mere daata.

Mainu sabar, santok aur sadbudhi bakshi. Sarbat da bhala kari… sareya nu raazi khushi rakhi… 🙂

P.S Since the prayer by PC is very long, I have not included it here. But those are interested in the poem can drop in a comment with their e-mail id’s. I will surely share it over mail 😉