Her hands were numb and her eyes were blurry “Its been 15 days now that she had not cried” said the Messenger inside her.

“And its a bad sign!” replied her Guardian.

“Oh shut up! It’s been God knows how many months that she was crying. Its good. She is at peace with herself now.” defended the Messenger within her.

The Guardian was upset with this new change in her. Crying had become an every day and night ritual for her. She used shed tears whenever and wherever possible. The sudden stop of crying meant the worst change.

“I think crying worked as a medicine for her” Said the Guardian.

“Yes! you wanted to see her suffering. She has stopped crying and afterwards, will resume back to her normal life and become happy. Do you think she deserves to cry for no reason?” asked the Messenger.

Guardian was losing its strength, “Crying kept her alive”

“It just brought her sleepless nights” Said the Messenger

“It made her strong enough to endure everything. She has become so cold now!” replied the Guardian disappointingly.

The Messenger knew what the Guardian was trying to communicate but, it also knew that crying was leading her nowhere.

“She will be fine. She has fought many more battles in the past and has come through with flying colours.” Said, ignoring the sad tone in the Guardian’s voice.

“Crying is not a sign of weakness just as laughter is not a sign of strength. Crying meant she was strong, she was alive, and she was fighting. I wanted her to die as a brave warrior. If smiling and laughing is important for a person, then pouring out your emotions are important as well. Honest tears cleanse your heart and soul. Her soul has died it seems. The struggle and pain should make a person better. she has become bitter. ” The Guardian defended

The Messenger got furious “ Oh! do you think it is right show your weakness.. and your vulnerability when no one even cares for her tears? she needs to be strong now.”

The Guardian had nothing to say… “ Weak and vulnerable are those who suppress their emotions. Hiding emotions is like getting hurt inside each moment. Blessed are those who mourn, For they shall be comforted. Blessed are those who weep, for they shall laugh”

P.S Messenger here is referred as Devil and the Guardian is referred as guardian angel we all have within us.