“Asha Bhosle’s daughter Varsha commits suicide: Police”

Was news of the day!

“Last time she tried by overdose of pills…. this time she shot herself. Whoa! last time was 3 yrs ago”. I read on internet

“Man! she must be much more disturbed and irritated with life than us. Who knows what is going on in one’s life. Hope her soul RIP” I thought

As always my mind started wandering….

Nobody wants to die… nobody wants to leave their loved ones left behind. Then, what prods a person to end all.. stops the journey and leave everything?! Its like… deactivating your facebook account in rage knowing that there isn’t any other setting of coming back or restore it. OMG dangerous. :O Isn’t it?!

Though, in the mind of someone considering suicide, the act may seem like an expeditious and effective way to eliminate pain. But, I’m sure we’re all are familiar with the old bromide, “suicide doesn’t fix anything.”

If someone decides to die or end their life, means the person is going through a major emotional and social turmoil. They are convinced that they do not want to get burdened with anything anymore.Yes ofcourse, there is a solution to everything and people should learn to accept life as it comes. But, most of us at some point in our lives have lost hope while fighting important battles.

“As far as suicide is concerned, although we never know how much a human being is already handling in life. But, it does require a lot of courage for someone to even hurt himself.” I thought

More questioned popped up in my mind.

Is it really a crime to commit suicide? And why do people lose faith and believe in themselves? How can people accept their defeat and failures so easily?

In India, attempted suicide is an offence punishable under Section 309 of the Indian Penal Code. “Whoever attempts to commit suicide and does any act towards the commission of such offence, shall be punished with simple imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year or with fine, or with both.”

WOW, someone who is already so much disturbed with life is sent to imprisonment?! Instead of sending them to rehabilitation, they are sent to imprisonment to make things worse?A person who attempts to suicide is in depression and needs help rather than punishment/imprisonment/fine.

In religious point of view, suicide is considered as a grave and serious sin. In Hinduism it is believed that suicide causes the soul and body to be separated at an unnatural time. The result damages the karma of the person. But, interestingly, Jainism is one religion that permits suicide with restrictions.

We all have known the feeling when dreams are shattered, promises are broken, people are cheated, when things go terribly wrong.. and when nothing seems to work out. Times when hope, trust, faith… all go waste… nothing keeps us going and there is no urge to live.

Its not a crime if someone decides to leave the physical form of themselves. If we have a right to drink, smoke, live the way we want, then we do have the right to die… and the way we want it to be ended. When God sent us here, he wanted us to live happily, and we when are unable to, we have full right to opt out and make a choice.

We are none to comment on someone’s decision when we all make mistakes each day. A human soul needs love & care. The worst time for any person on this earth is the when he/she considers himself totally insignificant. There are so many alive, but there are very few who are living. In search of our happiness we fail to understand that without disappointments, defeats and despair… this life on earth is incomplete.

Life has meaning only in the struggle. Triumph or defeat is in the hands of the Gods. So let us celebrate the struggle! 

I always believe that each one of us are fighting our own battles in the best way possible. And the beauty of life is that each one of us have a unique battle to fight. There are many like me who have at some point of time did ask God to take their lives away cause the battle was tough and dirty. But, as one of my dear friends says when I lose all the hope “You are a great performer Jasmeet. You perform so well each time that God throws a tougher challenge each time.”

I would love to conclude this post with an extract from The Fifth Mountain. Whenever, I lose hope, I read this again and again… and again 🙂 and say I love you God! 🙂

THAT NIGHT, a man entered Jacob’s tent and wrestled with him until the break of day. And when he saw that he prevailed not against him, he said, “Let me go.” Jacob answered, “I will not let thee go, except thou bless me.” Then the man said to him: “As a prince, hast thou power with God and with men, and hast prevailed. What is thy name?” And he said, Jacob. And the man answered: “Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel.”

Long ago, the patriarch Jacob had encamped, and during the night, someone had entered his tent and wrestled with him until daybreak. Jacob accepted the combat, even knowing that his adversary was the Lord. At morning, he had still not been defeated; and the combat ceased only when God agreed to bless him.

The story had been transmitted from generation to generation so that no one would ever forget: sometimes it was necessary to struggle with God. Every human being at some time had tragedy enter his life; it might be the destruction of a city, the death of a son, an unproved accusation, a sickness that left one lame forever. At that moment, God challenged one to confront Him and to answer His question: “Why dost thou cling fast to an existence so short and so filled with suffering? What is the meaning of thy struggle?” The man who did not know how to answer this question would resign himself, while another, one who sought a meaning to existence, feeling

that God had been unjust, would challenge his own destiny. It was at this moment that fire of a different type descended from the heavens–not the fire that kills but the kind that tears down ancient walls and imparts to each human being his true possibilities. Cowards never allow their hearts to blaze with this fire; all they desire is for the changed situation to quickly return to what it was before, so they can go on living their lives and thinking in their customary way. The brave, however, set afire that which was old and, even at the cost of great internal suffering, abandon everything, including God, and continue onward.

 “The brave are always stubborn.”

From heaven, God smiles contentedly, for it was this that He desired, that each person take into his hands the responsibility for his own life. For, in the final analysis, He had given His children the greatest of all gifts: the capacity to choose and determine their acts. Only those men and women with the sacred flame in their hearts had the courage to confront Him. And they alone knew the path back to His love, for they understood that tragedy was not punishment but challenge.

“We, however, struggle with the Lord, just as we struggle with the men and women we love in our lifetimes. For it is that struggle with the divine that blesses us and makes us grow. We grasp the opportunity in the tragedy and do our duty by Him, by proving we were able to obey the order to walk. Even in the worst of circumstances, we have forged ahead. “There are moments when God demands obedience. But there are moments in which He wishes to test our will and challenges us to understand His love.”

“Take advantage of the chance that tragedy has given you; not everyone is capable of doing so.”

P.S I would request each one of you to please read this book at least once, it will change your life and thinking forever. It has always given me so much strength during hard times. 🙂