“I expected compassion from you Jasmeet. You could use a better term for these images” said one of my disheartened clients. “Compassion! for what?” I thought. I just referred the images sent by her for a brochure as TRASH, which they actually were….

But, yes I was a bit harsh!

The word “compassion” took me back to memories…

It was June and my fathers birthday was coming. Since that man never buys anything for himself, I decided to buy some shirts for him. After office, I headed for shopping, I bought two perfect shirts in the shades of blue. Highly satisfied and delighted with what I had bought for the first man of my life, I decided to treat myself with a cup of coffee and of course a warm muffin with choco syrup on top to go with it… 😀

The coffee shop was full, I looked around and saw an empty table in the far corner. “wow a perfect place” I thought. I quickly headed towards it to grab the place before anyone else could grab it. In hurry, my bag hit the elbow of an elderly person who was having coffee with his wife. it must have been very hot I am sure as the facial expression of the man changed immediately and I could see anger on his face. “I am so sorry uncle” I said with a puppy face.

He just burst out on me… “You! Can you not even handle your bloody bag?!”

“I did not do it purposely uncle. I am really very sorry!” I apologized, almost begged!

“Do you know how hot it was? It burned my lips” He said angrily


The man did not say anything further, I grabbed my seat,

I felt disgusting, terrible, so so so very inhuman. “Where is the humanity gone? where is the word compassion vanished from our society” I thought.

I took out my diary, started writing whatever crap came in my mind… bad things.. about everything.. almost each thing existed on this planet. “OMG one bad incident can bring the worst out of you Jazz! The devil is on fire babes” I thought.

The coffee and muffin that was served immediately, tasted as bad as poison.The beauty of the whole evening just vanished.

“People have become so irritated, frustrated, inhuman, brutal and insensitive. What will happen to the society, to the humanity. Where are we heading to….? materialistic things? thas it? where is the peace, love, care & respect? I Agree it was my mistake but he could be little gentle as I did not hurt him purposely. What the heck” I thought.

A handsome guy in front of me who was continuously staring at me, looked the most ugliest guy I ever saw. (who knows if he was wondering, how could a girl be so dumb?! ufffffff)

I continued writing stupidest things ever in my diary… the coffee tasted yucks… and muffin was the worst muffin ever…*sobs*

Lost in my own thoughts, I did not notice that someone came near my table and standing, I looked up, It was the same man,

 “Its Ok beta, I am also sorry, I spoilt your mood” He said

My face lit up “Noh! I am really sorry uncle. I want to offer you a cup of coffee.”

“I just had it. you enjoy yourself. Thank you!” And he left


I was on seventh heaven, “Wow… Humanity is there, people do respect and love each other and its not as bad as I am thinking. People are still compassionate.” I thought

Suddenly all the good thoughts in the universe started pouring out on my diary. The angle in me was back. what a relief.

The coffee tasted… the yummiest ever… The muffin was the most delectable thing I ever tasted. and the handsome guy… looked the sexiest ever 😀 uffff just one act of kindness can bring so much happiness 😀

That evening will always remind me that ” yes! we all are tired of this fast racing world, yes we do have busy lives BUT humanity, love, care, respect, compassion… all these words have not lost their meaning yet!”

I am thankful to that man, cause he is an important part of my own growth! 🙂