Heylo all!

My first blog… and I seriously Have no clue what am I gonna do here! I am not a writer… my writing skills are worst and I do hell lot of spell errors and grammatical mistakes. But I do believe that the basic purpose of any language is to communicate our ideas, views and thoughts and therefore, with this same thought.. I have started this journey. Flowing river, as the name explains, is about us… we all are flowing in this life like a river… and whatever comes our way we keep on flowing… we might change our path but we keep on flowing… and with the flow we learn and evolve. Do not wanna be philosophical here  :) )))

Flowing River is just going to be a compilation of my own thought and views… kind of a personal diary. And as am being declared officially mad by almost everyone… I do wanna share my maddening thoughts with the world around. So, lets flow together and meet at the bigger ocean called life ;) :P